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Main Menu

We are an allergy friendly establishment!
Please notify your server of any food allergies so we can further assist you.

Eggs & Favorites

$10.99Bedräk Benedict

Two poached eggs layered over thick sliced bacon on an open faced english muffin, and topped with our homemade hollandaise

$13.99Crab Cake Benedict

Light and flaky crab cakes layered over an open face english muffin, two poached eggs, and topped with

$8.99Breakfast Sandwich

Egg, gouda cheese, and choice of bacon or sausage on a ciabatta roll. Served with one side

$15.99Fillet & Eggs

A juicy and tender 6 oz fillet medallion, served with 2 eggs


5 inch individually sized Quiche of the day. Served with one side

$9.99Biscuits & Gravy

Red chorizo gravy topped over two biscuits. Served with hash brown casserole or home fries
Add two eggs $2.99

$9.99Breakfast Tacos

Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Vegan upon request

Scrambled eggs, chives, avocado, tomatoes, green peppers and queso fresco scrambled together and wrapped in flour tortillas. Served with one side
Add chorizo $2.99

$10.99Sweet Dijon Glazed Ham Steak

1/2 inch thick grilled ham steak basted with cinnamon dijon glaze, served with grilled pineapple and two eggs


$10.99French Toast Bites

French baguette bites topped with maple cream sauce. Served with breakfast meat and one side

$9.99Breakfast Skillet

Vegetarian upon request

Hash brown casserole or home fries topped with mixed veggies, an egg and chives

$12.99Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread Waffle

Gluten Free

A cornmeal waffle spiced with fresh jalapeños blended with cheddar cheese and topped with our homemade chorizo chili

$7.99Belgian Waffle


Choose your toppings: strawberries, banana, pecans or blueberries

$10.99Country Fried Steak

Breaded, tenderized cube steak smothered with our home made chorizo gravy. Served with one side



3 buttermilk or multigrain pancakes
Add a fresh fruit topping .99
Add Nutella .99
Add two eggs $2.99

$12.99Smoked Salmon & Avocado

Open-faced bagel with avocado topped with smoked salmon and capers. Lettuce, tomato and onion on the side

Omelet Bar

Served with homefries or hash brown casserole and toast.

Make Your Own


3 Items $9.99 | 5 Items $11.99

$9.99Cheese Omelet

Pick your cheese

$9.99Veggie Omelet


Onion, tomato, green pepper, mushroom and spinach with your choice of cheese

$12.99Mexican Omelet

Chorizo, potato, and queso fresco, topped with chives and a dollop of sour cream

$11.99Three Meat Omelet

Sausage, ham and bacon

$13.99Salmon & Brocoli Omelet

Smoked salmon, broccoli, chives and cream cheese

Starters & Appetizers

$13.99Crab Cakes

3 light and flaky crab cakes, served with chipotle aioli

$10.99Bread Basket


A variety of breads and breakfast pastries paired with our local jellies and preserves

$7.79Fruit Bowl

Vegetarian, Vegan

A medley of fresh seasonal fruits


Daily flavors


Cheese or raspberry

Soups & Salads

Dressing Choices:
Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Oil & Vinegar

$11.99Grilled Shrimp & Walnut Salad

Gluten Free

A bed of tender greens topped with perfectly seasoned grilled shrimp, California walnuts, cherry tomatoes and hard boiled eggs. Served with your dressing of choice

$9.99Roasted Beet Root & Feta

Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan upon request

Mixed baby greens tossed with pistachios, roasted beets, feta cheese, avocado and fresh orange

$10.99Apple Cranberry Spinach Chicken Salad

Vegetarian, Vegan upon request

Baby spinach topped with fresh apples, grilled chicken, queso fresco, pecans and dried cranberries

$13.99Salmon Avocado Salad

Grilled salmon drizzled with mustard bbq sauce over a bed of greens, topped with avocado, blueberries and feta cheese

Cilantro Lime Chicken Tortilla Soup

A deliciously seasoned cilantro-lime chicken broth slow cooked to perfection with chunks of boneless-skinless chicken breast, carrots, chayote squash and potatoes
Cup $5.79 | Bowl $8.99

Sandwiches, Burgers & Wraps

Served with one side.

$10.99Signature Cubano

Hickory smoked ham, pulled pork, yellow mustard, swiss cheese, and pickle slices on a hot pressed Cuban bread. Azúcar!

$9.99Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wrap

Carolina style BBQ sauce, chicken and pineapple layered with lettuce, cilantro, red onion and mozzarella wrapped inside a flour tortilla

$10.99Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

Served with bacon and warm maple cream sauce

$10.99Ancho Chicken Panini

Shredded chicken breast marinated in a chile ancho sauce, served over a ciabatta roll smeared with a poblano pesto, and topped with melted cheese

$10.99Bedräk Burger

Melted colby over a 1/2 lb. chorizo and beef charbroiled patty, topped with roasted poblanos, bacon, lettuce, onion and tomato


$3.99Hash Brown Casserole


With cheese and onions
Loaded add $2.99

$3.99Home Fries

Fried seasoned potatoes
Loaded add $2.99


Vegetarian, Vegan

With sliced banana and brown sugar


Vegetarian, Vegan

$2.79Cottage Cheese



$2.99Mac and Cheese


$3.99Vegetable Medley

Vegetarian, Vegan


$2.99French Fries


$3.99Kettle Chips


Add On’s


3 strips


2 home made patties

$3.99Turkey Bacon

3 strips

$3.99Turkey Sausage

2 patties

$4.79Grilled Ham

$1.79English Muffin or Toast


Sourdough, whole wheat, rye or cinnamon-raisin

$5.99Avocado Toasts


Seasoned with olive oil and red pepper flakes
Add two eggs $2.99

Kids Menu

Served with one side, a cup of milk or soft drink
For ages 12 and under!

$6.69Cheese Omelet


and toast

$5.99French Toast Sticks


Four dipping size sticks with a side of syrup

$5.99Silver Dollar Pancakes


Add chocolate chips or fruit .79

$4.99Junior Parfait


Strawberry or banana

$6.99Chicken Fingers

$5.99Ham and Cheese Sandwich

$5.99Chicken Quesadilla

Vegetarian upon request

Fruit & Drink Menu


16 oz. $6.59| 20 oz. $8.59

Green Giant

Apple, cucumber, parsley, spinach, kale, celery and ginger

Vitamin C Cooler

Dark leafy greens, lemon, orange, and parsley

Veggie Sweet

Carrot, celery, cucumber, ginger, orange, parsley, and tomato


Strawberries and blueberries, apple, carrot, and orange

Feel the Beet

Beets, berries, carrots, cucumber, and dark leafy greens

The Energizer

Carrots, ginger, lemon and beets

Tropical Envy

Celery, carrots, ginger, cucumber, pineapple and beets

The Cure

Apples, celery, ginger root, lemon

Make Your Own

Choose a base and 2 ingredients
Add .59 for each additional item




16 oz. $7.79| 20 oz. $9.99

Spinach Power

Spinach, banana, strawberry, blueberry, chia seeds and almond milk

Cocoa Peanut Butter

Cocoa powder, peanut butter, banana and almond milk

Berry Beet

Beets, berries, banana, coconut milk and cinnamon

Orange Immunity Booster

Banana, mango, orange, and almond milk

Berry Breakfast

Berries, orange, vanilla extract, oats and yogurt

Blend Your Own

Choose up to 3 ingredients
Add .59 for each additional item

Smoothie & Fruit Bowls

$8.99Banana Berry

Banana, raspberries, almond milk topped with bananas, strawberries, coconut flakes, peanut butter, chia seeds and granola


Mango, coconut milk and pineapple smoothie topped with chunks of fruit, berries, chai seeds and coconut flakes

$8.99Chocolate Hazelnut

Like a banana and Nutella crepe deconstructed in a bowl. Hazelnuts, banana, almond milk, and chocolate chunks. Topped with raspberries and granola


Avocado, spinach, banana, mixed berries and kale smoothie topped with granola, pecans, almonds and fresh berries

$8.99Blueberry Quinoa

Made with vanilla almond milk quinoa and blueberry smoothie

Add On’s

.99 Each

Cayenne Pepper

Almond Milk






Coconut Milk

Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds

Vanilla Extract




Add flavored syrup .59
Sub soy, coconut or almond milk .99
Sub agave nectar .99
Add espresso shot .99

$2.59Hot Tea

$2.79Drip Coffee


$3.29Hot Chocolate


$3.99Double Espresso



12 oz. $4.99 | 16 oz. $5.79

Red Eye

12 oz. $4.59 | 16 oz. $5.19


12 oz. $4.59 | 16 oz. $5.19


12 oz. $4.59 | 16 oz. $5.19


12 oz. $4.19 | 16 oz. $4.99


12 oz. $4.29 | 16 oz. $5.19

Iced Coffee

12 oz. $2.79 | 16 oz. $3.79

Fountain & Bottled Drinks


$2.59Diet Pepsi

$2.59Sierra Mist

$2.59Pink Lemonade

$2.59Orange Crush

$2.59Mountain Dew

$2.59Diet Mountain Dew

$2.59Dr. Pepper


*Eating raw or undercooked foods and unpasteurized juices poses an increased risk of food borne illness.
*A gratuity of 20% will be added to parties of 6 or more.